Betenbough Corporate Office Expansion

betenbough 960x325


  betenbough 650x220

Betenbough's main corporate headquarters expansion is located in Lubbock, Texas.  Serving not only as expanded office space for their executive board and the primary sales floor for the firm, it will also be equipped with open lease space on the second level, retail lease space on the first, a full-service catering kitchen in the basement, and a large multi-use space that opens into a below grade courtyard under a new sky bridge.  The project consists of a 3-story, 27,000 SF exposed steel structure with a basement level. 

The design, by Corgan Associates, is crafted in a manner to reflect its next door predecessor, and be reminiscent of an old warehouse modified to suit a new purpose.  A feature walkway bridge is designed to span 50 feet over the new below grade courtyard and connect the new and existing buildings.

The design features posed severe challenges to the team.  Our firm was tasked with designing a new building that had the feel of a pre-existing structure, highlighted with exposed steel.

The new office space will be an exciting home for the executive board members of the corporation as well as their sales team and home inspectors.